​Brad Angus

Uilleann pipes

​About me

  Pipes have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My parents bought me my first set of Scottish pipes when I was twelve. It was love at first sight and I tormented my sister for years learning how to play them!  From there I played in pipe bands for many years before eventually giving it up to concentrate on the uilleann pipes. I worked in a musical instrument repair shop by day and learned everything I could about the pipes in my spare time.  As well as becoming a pretty good player I also became an accomplished reed maker before moving on to realize my dream of making pipes in 1997.

  The instruments I create are a labor of love, each piece handcrafetd, including hand forged keys and rolled ferrules. I have a great respect for the craft and pattern my work in the tradition of the old pipemaking masters such as Harrington, Coyne and Kenna. In addtion to making pipes I enjoy working on restorations, making reeds, and doing repairs.

  I feel that this process of pipe making produces a unique sound that is really brings out the warmth and character of the instrument.